Matilda Brand Sheepcovers Australia

Livestock wearing  covers, coats  are more healthy, breed better, and grow more expensive wool tough long lasting  UV fortified pure nylon material , that breathes and grows soft clean tipless wool, increases wool price by 55% elastic…… at sides, rear and neck.

Also known as sheep rugs and sheep blankets, not to be confused with covers for seats.

Warning!!!!!  washing covers may remove the UV coating. Tumble washing is  possible.  Dry cleaning can remove the Neck stiffeners. Commercial tumble washing is the go. we give no warranty to any washing.

Note….Comments made on this web site are to be understood as a guide to greater wool improvement and animal management..

Users of these products may be affected by different parameters. Varying from genetic animal behaviour, climate variances, and market performances.

Prices and supply may vary without notice.  Contact with us as a priority for current advice.  

These covers are made with a UV resistant coating.  If the fabric is not cared for properly, the coating will come off.

If possible, do not wash the covers. Tumble washing preferred.

 Shake to remove any loose debris, then brush with a soft brush.  If the covers are very dirty, soak in cold water over night.

If they must be washed use cold or warm water only.  Do NOT wash in hot water.

Use liquid sink dish washing detergent (yep, the stuff you use in the dish washer!)  Do NOT use laundry detergent.

Wash only 1 or 2 covers at a time on the delicate cycle.  Excessive agitation will cause the UV resistant coating to come off.

No warranty is expressed or implied by these washing instructions.

Size and fitting.   A Correct  fit is important so as not to cut into the rear legs.

Should be large enough so as not to step out of the leg loops  but roomy to last 12 months of wool growth. Wet weather causes Oversize covers to slip towards the rear and flop to one side. Resulting in the stepping out of the leg loops

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