Frequently asked questions

Q- Why use sheepcovers?

A- Sheepcovers lower the VM (vegetable matter) count in your wool, this increase the value of your produce and weald factors meaning higher price per bale when you bale is assessed at auction.


Q- How do i measure what size i need?

A- You can go to our sizing page for more information by clicking here, what you need to do is measure along the sheets back and this will give you the overall size measurement that you can compare as close to your sheep size, make sure you add 5cm from your measurement, you need to remember the wool will grow and will in the covers, often its recommended to [purchase multiple sizes and go up in sizes though out the year this is the best way to gain the best from your wool.


Q- How to i order sheepcovers?

A- You can simply go to our contact us page by clicking here and fill out the form with your name, email address and what you wish to order and one of our staff will contact to you via phone to discuss before placing your order.


Q- How do i pay?

A- To pay for your sheep cover order we will email you a invoice for your order including the shipping costs, and we can accept credit cards or bank transfer payment, all orders must be paid for before dispatch, you will get a payment receipt confirming your purchase and you will then be sent your tracking information.


Q- How long will it take to get my order?

A- Depending on your order size, and weather we have your order in stock, this time varies, the main point of time of getting your order is usually your location, as most properties are in remote locations this can sometime mean more extensive delays from regular post because the sheepcovers are sent with a courier delivery service even is via Australia post they will use there own courier service and in some cases will delivery to your closest post office for collection.


Q- Can you return your order if you order the wrong size?

A- Unfortunately we cannot accept returns on covers for a number of reasons the main reason is for control of contaminants, even if you have not put your covers on your sheep they may have been put on the ground where a seen of noxious weeds, lice or other contaminants that if returned could be passed on to our farms, and i sure you would agree you would want any contaminant coming to your property in this event occurring, we appreciate you understanding.


Q- What are Sheepcovers made from?

A Sheepcovers are made from 100% nylon, the nylon has been tested for UV stability for long lasting in the most extreme environments.


Q- Why are some covers have different sticking layouts?

A Our sheepcovers are made utilising a process where we are conscious of environmental waste, so the layout and sticking of some covers varies so we can maximise the entire sheet of material during the manufacturing process, rest assures this will not have any impact on the quality and the longevity of the sheep covers.


Q- Why do some people not call them sheepcovers, rather blanks or sheep rugs?

A Well we all have a different vary of describing things, we call our covers Sheepcovers because they are used to cover sheep, but others call them sheep blanks as some see them to se used to blanket the sheep to protect the wool, others call them sheep rugs, but in the end its all the same product, it s produced used to protect the wool and provide a long lasting protection providing higher price for the end products when sold at auction.